‘Stacks’ brings needed & timely innovations to crypto pathways

The opinions in this piece are those of the author and do not represent the official standpoints of the companies mentioned.

This unrelenting pandemic has accelerated the already critical digital transformation happening worldwide. With it comes many more questions and problems to solve as we rapidly expand digital infrastructure to accommodate the new normal. Naturally, these systems are under great pressure to maintain security and boost operations while traffic booms.

We know one thing for sure after this crisis, which is there is no backtracking on the digital transformation. Bitcoin, Blockchain…

An overview of staking, stacking, and proofs for all the diamond hands out there

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There is no easy way to say this. Crypto is failing. Failing to deliver the revolution that it so readily promised the mainstreamers months ago. Turn away from your arcane and backwards institutions and let us provide you with unending security and borderless transfers away from corrupt countries and valueless currencies. Sound too good to be true? That’s because it is. No system can appear out of thin air and solve all of society’s legacy issues while bending all of our current industries to its will within a matter of months.

The reality is, crypto didn’t appear out of thin…

Bitcoin has reached a record high in price and market cap during a global pandemic from 2020–2021, with Ethereum and altcoins reaching record highs as well. None of this seems to really be an accident, as cryptocurrency’s true foundational nature has been steadily getting ready to shine during chaos. The global modern day “gold rush” to get in while it’s hot during exciting peaks, and the ensuing drama during the inevitable valleys that are too plunging for the faint of heart, has attracted a whole new crowd to crypto who are making their first time buys or coding their first…

The journey towards Restful & Full-Stack Engineering

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“Full-Stack” is a loaded term these days. In its most fundamental form, a full stack application has both a frontend and backend that interact closely to produce a complete user experience. GeeksforGeeks describes a full stack developer as someone who can not only code a functioning frontend, backend, and create the database, but also as someone who “has the ability to design complete web applications and websites.” That is the loaded phrase. …

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Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) is a category covering a diversity of technologies that can produce potable drinking water directly from the air. These technologies have expanded the capacity to generate one’s own water source even in remote locations, and are growing in popularity as water and infrastructure challenges continue to grow worldwide. The AWG market is broadly divided into higher and lower capacity units ranging from over 5,000 Litres of water produced per day, to less than 100. As freshwater demands increase and the technology continues to develop for use in more diverse situations, the market is expected to grow…

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Here at Lambda school we are an ambitious cohort who launched ourselves fully into an immersion coding bootcamp experience accidentally during a global pandemic. In the seven months since this group started, the world has actually changed drastically and online communications have moved front and center for home and business. As all of us in school are working remotely from home and relying on personal wifi connections more than usual, as well as spending increased time on social media accounts…it has become obvious that this is a trend that is here to stay.

For the labs portion of our curriculum…

Crypto tech fuels innovation in water & carbon markets

There is more at stake with crypto technology than merely new forms of currency. The technology behind Bitcoin, blockchain, could provide the digital secure infrastructure necessary to innovate natural resource markets and management. Research is already underway to address current concerns in water rights and carbon credits trading. With global climate conditions projected to destabilize further, how we manage our natural resources has ample room for innovation.

In North Queensland, Australia they have begun designing a water trading platform powered by blockchain that uses a public register for water trading data…

Record summer of momentum for DeFi

The opinions are those of the author and do not represent the official standpoints of the companies mentioned.

DeFi is the oddly SciFi acronym for Decentralized Finance, the alternative finance system that developed from blockchain technology, and Ethereum in particular.

“Dapps”(decentralized applications) are the backbone of this system and they trade currency directly via smart contracts, with no additional third party. Dapps have developed to be able to work together and execute complex financial transactions, bypassing the protocols of current financial institutions.

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